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GZ34 ( 5AR4 )
This tube is as close as it gets the old Mullard GZ34 that we all know and love! In fact the plate construction looks to be almost identical to my large base Mullards with the straight edge plates. I've been using these in all my old SUNN amps now for over a year with great results. They seem to know just when to give in to get that wonderful rectifier sag. I also use these in Mesa Dual and Triple Rectifier amps in place of the stock 5U4's to get a little less sag but to maintain that rectifier sound. A perfect tube to replace the chinese or sovtek 5AR4's that we have all grown to dislike so much... The JJ GZ34 will get your Deluxe sounding like a vintage amp.
A great new production 5U4GB with the dynamics equal to the old RCA 5U4GB. Not too stiff with just the right amount of sag.
EZ81 ( 6CA4 )
For any guitar or Hifi amp that uses an EZ81 or 6CA4.
This new rectifier tube is directly heated just as the original RCA 5Y3's that we have been carrying and consider to be the best available. Other current production 5Y3's made in China and Russia are indirectly heated and as many of you have found out the hard way, these tubes produce higher voltages than real directly heated 5Y3's.

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