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EL84 ( 6BQ5 )
The best current production EL84 made and it rivals or surpasses most NOS EL84's. Very punchy with lots of detail and chime.
The EL844 is a low power variant to use in place of an EL84 and will drop into most cathode and fixed biased amps like the Orange AD amps, VOX AC amps, Laney VC amps, Crate V and VC amps including the Palomino, Budda amps, Fender Blues and Pro junior amps. It is also an option for all the 5 watters like the Valve Junior, Blackheart, Mini Cat and others. **If your amp is adjustable bias like the Marshall 201 and 401 then because the EL844 dissipate 9 watts these must biased 25% lower than standard EL84's. ** The EL844 will reduce the power output by 25% which is about a two decibel difference and is quite noticeable, so if you're looking for a modest reduction in output and a great sounding tube the EL844 is here! For those of you who are familiar with the old EL83, the EL844 plate structure is quite similar but the EL844 is NOT a replacement for an EL83!!! It is quite different.
This is truly one of the best 6V6 tubes I have ever auditioned. They have a amazing low frequency extension without getting boomy and a high end much like an RCA until they get into saturation where they are more like the old Sylvania 6V6's only fuller and a bit more focused. Absolutely wonderful in Deluxe Reverbs and they are so stout that you can use them in Hotrod Deluxe and Deville amps and other old 6L6 based Fender amps.
6L6GC ( 5881 )
A truly classic sounding 6L6GC. The lows are deep, big and round. The mids are very harmonically rich and natural while the highs are thick, creamy and very detailed. This is the tube for Peavey, Fender, Mesa, Soldano, Bogner ect. I also run these tubes in place of 7027A's in the old Ampeg gear at 600 plate volts with no problem.
The JJ 7027A is actually the same tube internally as the JJ 6L6GC. However the JJ 7027A is wired just like a traditional 7027A and is a drop in replacement for any amp using 7027A's. Older Ampeg amps using 7027A's can use either the JJ 7027A or the JJ 6L6GC with no modification whatsoever. Using the JJ 6L6GC's will just save you a few bucks.
Another greatly needed tube for vinatge guitar and Hifi amps a REAL 7591 that lives up to the excellent quality standards we have all come to know from JJ Electronic!
This tube is as close to an NOS Mullard as you can get although I have to given mention to the Svetlana EL34 which is close, it's very good but I like the way the JJ tubes break up better. They are very smooth and have the biggest low end of any current production EL34. I still prefer the JJ E34L for most applications simply because of it's extended low end and the fact that it's tighter and punchier.
This tube has all the tonal qualities of the JJ EL34 but it has an extended low end response and is a little punchier and more aggresive so I use these in all Marshall, Mesa, Carvin and just about any high gain guitar amps. *********** These are available in Red or Blue glass for 2.50 more per tube but are not always in stock so check with me first and note the color in the comments box when you place the order.
6CA7 Big Bottle
The JJ Big Bottle 6CA7 is another welcome addition to the already extensive line offered. It has the harmonic complexity of an EL34 in the upper mids and highs and the round low end of a 6L6 so it's as close to mixing an EL34 with a 6L6 in one bottle as you can get. We just loaded up Marshall DSL50 with a pair of these and and the first word that came to mind was "wooly". The low mids were FAT, and the high end sparkle was outstanding! These are a great "in-between" tube for the Peavey XXX and JSX amps as well as just about any other EL34 type amp such as Marshall, Laney and Mesa to name a few.
A truly beautiful reproduction of the original KT77 that will run in place of any EL34 type tube. A little bigger low end with a great chunk and a nice sizzle on the top end. The breakup is smooth and a bit less aggressive than the E34L's. An amazing tube for both guitar amps and Hifi.
A real kinkless KT66 that is beam aligned and has all of the sonic qualities of the original! A very thick and rich sound with lots of harmonic complexity and a wonderfully smooth breakup when driven into saturation. ***NOTE*** JJ Electronic does NOT tie the metal base to pin #1 like some of the russian and chinese tubes.
A true kinkless KT88 that is actually beam aligned by hand! This is an amazing tube that sounds as fat as it looks! These are great in old Marshalls, SVT's and almost any amp that uses a 6550. ***NOTE*** JJ Electronic does NOT tie the metal base to pin #1 like some of the russian and chinese tubes.*********** These are available in Red or Blue glass for 2.50 more per tube but are not always in stock so check with me first and note the color in the comments box when you place the order.
A classic 6550 from JJ Electronic! These are very warm with a great clean tone and the breakup is raw, crunchy and gritty. If you want an Angus - AC/DC type tone then these tubes really deliver! they are simply a lot of fun to play. ***NOTE*** JJ Electronic does NOT tie the metal base to pin #1 like some of the russian and chinese tubes. The JJ 6550 will not make as much power as the JJ KT88 and the KT88 is thicker sounding, in fact some players feel it's too thick, so if you want a fatter sounding tube than a 6L6 that breaks up earlier than a KT88 then the JJ 6550 may be just right.
A magical tube that transforms any single ended 300B amp into one that will take your listening experience to a new level
Integrated Quads and Sextets
These are a great option for players looking for the combined tones of the E34L's and 6L6GC and work great in most any 100 watt amp that is adjustable bias and can run either EL34's or 6L6's like the Carvin V3, Legacy and MTS amps. These tubes are matched quads. Integrated quads consist of hand picked 6L6GC's and E34L's that all draw the same exact amount of natural plate current which is how tubes are matched. The integrated quads do provide a very cool mixture of tones combining the deep thump and clean smooth highs of the JJ 6L6GC's and the aggressive punch and classic British sound of the JJ E34L's.
This tube is an absolute wonder. It's detail is even better than the 300B which I thought was impossible... Very warm and liquid sounding. I loaned a pair to David Bardes for a review he was doing on 2A3 amps for Vacuum Tube Valley magazine so he could compare them to the chinese 2A3's and after trying them they remained in the amps for the remainder of his review simply because there was no comparison, the JJ 2A3 was hands down a far superior tube
Spring & Cap Tube Retainers
Spring and Cap style tube retainers for power tubes.

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