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A word about the amp "Retube™ kits"

   There are way over 1000 Retube Kits here in the online store and we continually add to them. Not all options are listed however you can modify any kit by leaving a note in the comments box on the checkout page with your request. If you want to sub an ECC803S or gold pin tube for V1 in a kit that uses a standard tube just leave us a note and we will change the order for you. 

We do not rely on our customers to experiment with their amps so we can build Retube Kits... We do all the research on every amp so we know what grade of power tubes work well for fixed and cathode bias amps as well as what preamp tubes to use. We do however love hearing from our customers as you can see over on our Customer Review page where you will find way over 1000 reviews now. We also put together custom kits everyday, so if you don't see what you want email us or call.

If you don't see a kit for your amp don't worry! We actually have Retube Kits for hundreds of amps that we simply have not had time to get posted in the online store yet. So you are welcome to call us ( 503-659-7401 ) or you can order the individual tubes your amp uses if it's not listed in kit form, and if you don't know what it uses just email us! I will be constantly adding Retube Kits for all kinds of different amps, it just takes a while to do!

You will now see that lots of other tube venders have copied our original Retube™ Kit idea, just remember we were the first and we research all of our kits!

If you're not ordering a kit then please leave us a note in the comments box on the checkout page letting us know what amp the tubes are for so we can choose grades accordingly.

All power tubes are burned in and matched on our custom "Kamna Matcher". All preamp tubes are run in one of our "Amplitrex" machines including enhanced audio screening. So unlike other resellers ALL tubes are low noise at no extra charge.


As explained on the checkout page we will add the shipping charge on to your order. All domestic orders, unless otherwise requested will be shipped and insured by Priority mail. The average cost is about $9.00 for orders under 1 Lb and about $13.00 to $18.00 depending on your location for orders over 1 Lb but under 2 Lbs and takes about 2-3 working days to arrive.

All international orders unless otherwise requested, will be shipped by International Priority mail which takes an average 7 to 12 working days to arrive and runs about 27.00 to 38.00 for orders under 1 Lb and 38.00 to 50.00 for over 2 Lbs and under 3 Lbs. You can also request Express mail which averages about 40.00 for orders under 1 Lb for a quicker delivery (4 to 6 days).

For International orders under one pound you can also request standard Airmail shipping. If it is available it usually runs about 10.00 to 15.00 but most of the time there is no way to track it or insure it, so you would be accepting the risk for loss or damage.

You can request overnight shipping by leaving us a note in the comments box on the checkout page. We use the cheapest overnight shipping possible which is USPS Express mail. Please understand that it is still NOT CHEAP! It will average about $40.00 to $60.00 depending on weight and location, we have to make a special run to get this done and it must be requested and done by 1pm west coast time!

Our cart system is NOT a third party system and is on it's own SSL secure server to make sure that your data is not accessible by anyone but Eurotubes. Most importantly your card data is NOT stored on the server as others do. Once an order is placed your data is stored on an offline system. The site and certified system is hosted by InMotionHosting on a VPS Server!

After you load up your cart and you hit "check out" you can choose to "Login" if you have previously registered and your data will be retrieved for you minus credit card info, or choose "New User" to register and complete your order.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  We are in Oregon, so remember there is NO SALES TAX!!  on sales in the US. - However, if you live outside the US your country may have import duty and this is something we have no jurisdiction over.

You can still give us a call anytime during business hours which are 9AM to 5:30PM Monday thru Friday west coast time if you have questions or send us an email we are always happy to talk tubes!

A special note for players ordering EL84’s for Peavey Classic Series amps, VHT Pitbulls, Mesa, Traynor or any of the fixed bias EL84 amps, please specify your playing style or styles such as Rock, Blues, Jazz etc. Also indicate whether the amp is played at mostly low, moderate or high volume. This will help us choose EL84’s that will either break-up earlier for a Blues style or provide more headroom as preferred by Jazz and Country players.

One more very important thing. We will not sell or give out any customer info! Never - Ever!


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